Awareness is a key ingredient in Success
If you have it, TEACH it.
If your lack it, SEEK it.

IISE plays a dynamic role to help you get aware and make the right choice. Our courses and workshop are a foundation to understand the current needs and will mold your skill to the best Let your decision transform yourself and help your skills and abilities growth in this competitive world. Come attend our awareness program and decide your direction.       

Past Events

We have conducted programs in the past through our social initiative AwareRaho for Community Centers, Institutions and Women Forums.

  • POSH for Women @ Hope Centre, Borivali West.
  • POSH for Women @ TATVA 2017 by LAJA, IIT Powai, Mumbai.
  • POSH for Women @ Mumbai University.
  • POSH for Women @ Aptech centers Mumbai and Pune.
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