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What is IISE

IISE – Institute of Service Excellence.

Teaching next generation Excellence

This institute is the first of its kind, the reason of its existence is to nurture minds and cultivate
the essence of service excellence in the career path chosen which will help to outshine from the rest.

Why IISE ?

We are the bond between you and your success

by redefining and remolding your mindset.

Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention sincere efforts, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacle as opportunities. This is our motive to help you understand that excellence is not being best but it is doing your best. The radical approach to create a whole new way to an individual thought process from customer service to service excellence will bring about a dynamic shift in the service industry and to the individual career Every job is a Self Portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with Excellence  ….
What you are tomorrow is what you decide to do today , so don’t wait for the opportunity create it.
We are the directors of our own mindset which separates us from the rest.

Our Courses

A realm of learners and passport to success.

Practice is the hardest part of learning and training is the essence of transformation Our courses are well researched and designed for your success

Mindset Mantra

Success is all about mindset. Get rid of the negative thoughts and experiences that pull you down and not push us forward. It’s time to be more present, focused, disciplined and, importantly, happier and fulfilled.

11 Mantras Of Ultimate Success

“It’s Never Too Late” Staying positive is important, these mantras will help you shift or change your mindset. These will help you to discover your way to success.

Face The Corporate

Enabling and nurturing young minds to be corporate prepared,  and help them to take their leap in confidence from college to corporate world. Building their confidence which will keep them motivated in their career.


The sexual harassment of women remains a serious problem. The first step to solving the issue and empowering women is raising knowledge and awareness across the population.

Expand your Digital Footprints

Brands who have a strong online presence stand out from their competition.  When brands have a positive digital footprint it can lead to more customers,  better conversion rates, and increased brand credibility.  Be a magnet and attract new clients by a good digital footprint.

Unleash Your

That is the purpose which all are called to understand their potential and we help them unleash it. You can achieve anything in your life should be your motto which can help to unleash a new individual and doors to success.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and
you feed him for a lifetime"

We teach you skills to be successful
in your career for lifetime…

Who Should Attend

Your Pursuit to change your approach, ends here.

Our Courses are a tool which give direction and kindles a new way of thinking.

Every individual likes to soar in life , we are offering an opportunity to all in learning to do their best at work and align in their way of life The course embraces attendees of all age, we would like to recommend this to 
  • Students
  • Professionals / Working women/ Woman entrepreneurs
  • Job seekers
  • Corporates / SME / Small Business
  • Individuals who want to succeed.

“Your growth depends on the excellence you deliver.

What Our Clients Say

How positive mindset has
changed their pace towards growth.


Our Journey

Transform to the growth mindset And begin your journey to success.

The Race For Excellence Has No Finish Line…
The Future Begins Here!

Connect with us

Start your quest


Kandarpada, Dahisar West



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Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm

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